Welcome to the Centre for Applied Science in Ontario Protected Areas (CASIOPA)

We are a consortium of government, non-governmental, private sector, and academic organizations and professionals who are dedicated to excellence in research and communication about applied sciences in the vast number of protected areas in Ontario, Canada.  We are directly supported by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and the University of Waterloo.

For the newest activities in CASIOPA in 2015 and events dating back 15 years, just select the ‘Announcements & Workshops’ from the menu at right.

In 2015, we’ve held two meetings/workshops:

  • Most recent was the May 6-7 2015 Healthy Parks, Healthy People Conference and Workshopsummary is in progress here.
  • We also had a great 2015 AGM on Managing for Ecological Connectivity; details here!

We also have a new twitter feed. It’s @CASIOPA_ON. Follow us there!

Interested in conducting research in Ontario’s Provincial Parks, Nature Reserves, or Conservation Reserves? Start here for the permit process.

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry has published several state of the science reports, including the state of parks; some of these have been done in conjunction with CASIOPA.  The same link as the permit page gets you a list of those reports and further links to copies of them, here.

Goose Island Provincial Park


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