2002 PRFO Proceedings | Protected Areas and Heritage Coastal Ecosystems

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p7-34) Beechey
Great lakes Protected Areas in Ontario: A Celebration with A Challenge

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p35-55) Marsh
Coastal Conservation in Europe, Especially the United Kingdom

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p57-63) ODonoghue
Great Lakes Heritage Coast: Opportunities for Protection and Community Development

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p65-69) Ferrari
Threats to the Development of Heritage Coast Planning

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p73-77) Troughton
Panel Commentary The Heritage Coast Planning Approach

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p79-80) Craig
Panel Commentary The Great Lakes Heritage Coast: Opportunities for Protection and Community Development

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p81-83) Hunter and Faught
Panel Commentary Key Issues in Heritage Coast Planning and Conservation

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p87-98) Janetos
Human-Environment Interaction in Prespa National Park, Greece

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p99-107) McIntyre, Pavlovich and Hayes
Coastal Values and Quality of Life: A New Zealand Case-study

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p109-116) Kutas, Doran, Hung and Janetos
Management in a Planning Vacuum: Co-operation in the Quetico-BWCAW-Voyageurs International Boundary Region

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p117-123) Nentwig
Volunteer Capacity-Building for Horticultural Activities: A Model for Small Ontario

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p127-152) Nelson
Landscape Change, Land Use History and Planning for the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area, Arizona, U.S.A.

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p153-164) McGregor, Murphy and Slocombe
Why Y2Y? Understanding the Role of Large Landscape Corridor Initiatives in Regional Conservation Planning, Using the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiatives as a Case Study

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p165-170) Marsh
The Countryside, Parks, Tourism and Foot and Mouth Disease in the United Kingdom

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p171-181) Jalava and Cooper
Natural Heritage Inventory of the Great Lakes Heritage Coast: The Georgian Bay Coast Project, Phase 1 – South-Eastern Georgian Bay Coast

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p185-191) Nentwig and Moore
Business Statistics for the Ornamental Horticultural Industry in Ontario

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p193-202) Bowman and Eagles
Algonquin Provincial Park Visitor Expenditures and Impacts

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p203-208) Halpenny
User Fees at Bunaken Marine Park, Indonesia: Lessons in Developing Tourism-Related Financing Mechanisms for Marine Protected Areas

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p209-217) Stone
Ecotourism, Protected Areas and Community Development Associated with Two Chinese Parks

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p221-230) Bitton and Byrne
A Volumetric Analysis of Coastal Dune Blowout Morphology Change, Pinery Provincial Park

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p231-240) Lian-yong and Eagles
An Exploration into the Operating Status and Visitor Use over Ontario’s Provincial Parks System

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p243-253) Burgess and Husband
The impacts of hybridization on the endangered red mulberry (Morus rubra L.) in Canada

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p255-268) Meloche and Murphy
Protecting Carolinian Canada: Controlling the Spread of Tree-of-Heaven (Ailanthus altissima) within Rondeau Provincial Park

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p269-282) Johnson and Tegler
Monitoring Fire Management of Oak Savanna and Tall Grass Prairie in Rondeau Provincial Park

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p283-292) Smith and Bishop
Cedar Savanna: A Disappearing Habitat at Point Pelee National park

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p293-300) Browne and Hecnar
The Status of Turtles in Point Pelee National Park: Species Loss and Shifting Population Structure

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p303-311) Firanski and Bazely
Restoring Highly Fragmented Populations of Herbaceious Spring Ephemerals in a Severely Grazed Carolinian Forest

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p313-316) Nentwig and Rodger
Ontario Tallgrass Prairie and Savanna Association

PRFO-2002-Proceedings (p317-322) Hart, Manson and Prangley
Overcoming Challenges to Grassroots Environment Remediation in the Rondeau Watershed

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