2003 PRFO Proceedings | Protected Areas and Watershed Management

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p3-14) Shrubsole
Reflections on Recent Developments in Watershed Management in Ontario an the Implications for Natural Areas Management

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p15-18) Mitchell
Perspectives on Watershed and Protected Areas Management

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p19-23) Hounsell
Watershed Management and Planning in Ontario with Special Reference to Conservation and Protected Areas: A response

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p25-37) Day and Nelson
Protected Areas, Land Use and Watershed Planning, and Decision Making: An Ecological and Civics Perspective

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p39-43) Craig
Commentary on Protected Areas, Watershed Planning and Decision-making: An Ecological and Civics Perspective

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p47-53) Finkelstein
The Canadian Heritage Rivers System: Can it keep the water in the river, and the river in the water?

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p55-60) Pearson
Ecological and Institutional Issues in Respect of Watershed Planning and Protected Areas

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p61-68) Messervey
Protected Areas and Watershed Management

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p71-78) Walters and Shrubsole
The Protection of Wetlands Through Ontario’s Drainage Act

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p79-85) Bailey, Rios, Schwindt and Yates
Integrated Ecological Assessment and Monitoring of Streams: The Watershed and Socio-economic Shed Paradigm

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p87-92) Kershaw
Killarney – Lakeland, Landform and Headwaters

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p93-102) Hebb, Mortsch and Deadman
Documenting Change in Lake Erie Coastal Wetland Ecosystem

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p105-110) Finkelstein
Honouring Our Rivers: An Overview of the Canadian Heritage Rivers System (CHRS) and a Detailed Look at the CHRS Process

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p111-117) Quinlan and Troughton
Designating the Thames as a Canadian Heritage River

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p119-121) Veale
The Canadian Heritage Rivers Designation: Opportunities for Conservation Authorities and Other Government and Private Groups Engaged in Watershed Planning and Management

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p125-132) Bazely, Firanski and Koh
Invasive Plants of Canadian Woodlands – Scientific Challenges

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p133-142) Byrne, Woods and Maclean
Water Level Changes and sand Transport at Pinery Provincial park: Longterm Dune Development Implications

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p143-149) Bellhouse, Blake, Brdar, Marchand, Murphy, Proulx, Rosenthal, Shoreman and Sullivan
Ecological Stress Identification Process for Ontario’s Provincial Parks

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p151-155) Jones and Craig
The Ontario Benthos Bioassessment Network

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p157-163) Bellhouse, Davis and Aikman
Ecological Monitoring of Ontario’s Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves – Ecoregion 5E Pilot

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p165-173) Aikman, Bellhouse and Davis – errata
PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p165-173) Aikman, Bellhouse and Davis
Implementation of a Monitoring Pilor study for Ontario Parks in Ecoregion 5E

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p175-181) Vantyghem
Information Management Strategies for Reporting on Protected Areas Information

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p183-186) Craig and Doyle
Linking Community-based Ecosystem Monitoring to Local Decision-making and Policy Development on Sustainability

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p189-197) Lipsett-Moore, Bookey, Kingston and Shuter – errata
PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p189-197) Lipsett-Moore, Bookey, Kingston and Shuter
Representation, focal species and systematic conservation planning for the northern boreal initiative

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p199-205) Iwanycki, Normand, Jones, Towle, Tam, Clayton and Gerstenkorn
Defining a Targeted Terrestrial Natural Heritage System

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p207-212) Robertson
Natural Heritage Woodlands – a forest designation process within the long point region conservation authority

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p213-225) Wichert
Assessing the Representation of Aquatic Features and Species in Protected Areas in the Great Lakes Watershed

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p229-234) Mulrooney, Shantz and Wistowsky
A Study of the Social and Economic Benefits Associated with the Nine Ontario Living Legacy Signature Sites

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p235-241) Huitema
Aboriginal Stewardship and Participation in Cultural and Natural Heritage Planning and Policy: The Algonquin Nation in the Ottawa Valley

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p243-248) Barry
Collaborative Natural Resource Management and its Applicability to Protected Area Planning

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p249-255) Sportza
Planning for Nature in Urban Areas: The Case of Toronto, Past, Present and Future

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p257-260) Schraeder
Translating Research into Management: Experiences of a Conversation Biologist

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p261-268) Paleczny, Beechey, Turner and Wiken
The Canadian Council on Ecological Areas: Looking Ahead

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p269-274) Coucher and Michaels
Looking for Evidence of Organizational Knowledge Creation in Watershed Management

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p277-281) Rosenthal and McGauley
Options for Managing the Effects of Watercraft on Waterfowl

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p283-287) Mulrooney
Geocaching in Ontario’s Protected Areas

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p289-294) Bradford andLeggo
Visitor Impact Monitor and Trail Transect Study at St. Lawrence Island National Park

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p295-302) Marsh
Parks in Chile: Progress and Problems

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p305-312) DeYoung
Multiple Values in Floodplain Protection for Conservation

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p313-325) Snell and Dougan
Assessing the Functional Role of Natural Areas for the Niagara Water Quality Protection Strategy

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p327-335) Mac and Bazely
A Bee Diversity Survey in Oak Savannah Habitats in Rondeau Provincial Park, Ontario

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p337-346) Bryan
Donated Conservation Easements: New Directions in Land Protection

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p347-353) Chan and Packer
Quantitative Assessment of Potential Karner Blue Butterfly (Lycaeides melissa samuelis) Reintroduction Sites in Ontario

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p355-359) Solomon and Brdar – errata
PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p355-359) Solomon and Brdar
An invasive species strategy for southeastern Ontario’s provincial parks

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p361-372) Tegler and Brdar – errata
PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p361-372) Tegler and Brdar
Vegetation restoration planning at Sandbanks Provincial Park

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p373-383) Alley
a significant natural system in southern Ontario be overlooked?

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p385-389) Buck – errata
PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p385-389) Buck
Pit an Mound Restoration: When a tree falls in Clear Creek Forest

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p393-405) Parker
A Conceptual System Modeling Approach to Ecological Integrity Planning: A case study of the greater Kluane Region, Yukon

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p407-412) Stow, Langlois, Wilson and Rowsell
Promoting Landscape Connectivity in the Algonquin to Adirondack (A2A) Region through Municipal Planning: The Greater Park Ecosystem (GPE) Mapping Project

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p413-418) Nicks and Taylor – errata
PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p413-418) Nicks and Taylor
An Approach to Aquatic Ecosystem Recovery in the Thames River Watershed

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p421-427) Davis, Wilkinson and Heaman – errata
PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p421-427) Davis, Wilkinson and Heaman
Fire Management Efforts in Ontario’s Protected Areas: A Synopsis

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p429-432) Morneault, Heaman and Janser – errata
PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p429-432) Morneault, Heaman and Janser
Decision Support Systems for the use of Prescribed Fire to Maintain and/or Restore Tallgrass Prairie, Savanna, Red Oak and White Pine Ecosystems

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p433-440) Etwell and Bazely – errata
PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p433-440) Etwell and Bazely
Determining Appropriate Fire Frequencies for Oak Savannas in Two Ontario Provincial Parks

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p443-447) Bradford – errata
PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p443-447) Bradford
Road Mortality Effects on the Turtle Population at St. Lawrence Islands National Park

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p449-456) Kuyvenhoven, Chora and McCalden
GIS information in Ontario Parks

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p457-465) Crins, Davis and Henson
Testing the Robustness of the Protected Area System in Ontario: The Temporal Dimension

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p467-469) Faccer
Ontario’s Protected Area Network – past, present, future: an NGO perspective

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p471-474) Marchand
Management Planning for Komoka, a Near-urban Provincial Park

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p475-482) Troughton and DeYoung
Reconstructing the Built Rural Heritage in Southwestern Ontario

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p483-487) Franklin
Protected Areas and Watershed Planning with Special Reference to the Grand River

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p489-494) Simm
Summary of Research Activities (1996-2003) within the southwest Zone, Ontario Parks

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p495-498) Hachey
Escarpment Centre Ontario (ECO)

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p499-501) Ferguson
The Environment Bill of Rights: Accountability and Transparency in environmental Decision-Making

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p505-523) LeDrew
Climate Change and Variability: Implications at the Scale of the Watershed

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p525-526) Abstract – Badzinski
A Citizen Science-based Approach to Monitoring Bird Populations

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p525) Abstract – Quinn, Patterson and Becker
A Sampling Unit Probability Estimator (SUPE) Survey of the Wolf Population of Algonquin Park

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p526-527) Abstract – Wiersma and Nudds
Is “Is 12% Enough?” The right Question?

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p526) Abstract – Bod and Smart
Impact of a Wetland Restoration on Groundwater in the Norfold Sand Plain

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p527-528) Abstract – Doran
Using Prometheus to Model Fire in Algonquin Provincial Park

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p527) Abstract – McMurtry, Riley and Sorrill
The Big Picture, 2002: Identifying Key Natural Areas and Linkages in Southern Ontario

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p528) Abstract – Bazely, Koh, Firanski and Tagliavia
What is ecosystem recovery and how should we measure it in our parks?

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p529-530) Abstract – Bakowsky
Tall grass prairie and savannah ANSI theme study

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p529) Abstract – Andress
Control of Gulls in the Upper St. Lawrence River

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p530) Abstract – Brodribb, Riley and Jahncke
A Conservation Blueprint for Terrestrial Biodiversity in the Great Lakes

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p531-532) Abstract – Yuan and Riley
Quetico Provincial Park: A Content Analysis of American Use

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p531) Abstract – Yuan, McIntyre, Payne, Gnieser and Moore
Canadian Crown Land Sustainable Forestry: A Values-based Approach to Managing Recreation

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p532-533) Abstract – Lemieux and Nelson
Heritage Landscape Guides: A Vehicle for Natural and Cultural Heritage Conservation, Appreciation and Education

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p532) Abstract – Pearce, Baldwin and Green
Habitat Models for Waterbirds, Waterfowl broods, and Avian Guilds in Fragmented Wetlands, Upper Thames River Watershed

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p533) Abstract – Tayler and Paleczny
Credit Valley Conservation Greenlands Strategy Development

PRFO-2003-Proceedings (p534) Abstract -Marchand
Mobile GIS in Ontario Parks

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