2004 PRFO Proceedings | Planning Northern Parks and Protected Areas

PRFO-2004-Proceedings (p7-20) Suffling and Reilly
Three Protected Areas Divided by a Common History: Management and Research in Quetico Provincial Park, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Voyageurs National Park

PRFO-2004-Proceedings (p21-32) Payne
Protected Areas and the Conservation of the Boreal Forest: Contributions of Research in the Past, Present and Future

PRFO-2004-Proceedings (p33-38) Jackson
A National Marine Conservation Area Proposal for Lake Superior: Challenges, Opportunities and Research Needs

PRFO-2004-Proceedings (p41-51) Vasiliauskas and Chen
Natural Successional Dynamics of Boreal Forests in Norteastern Ontario

PRFO-2004-Proceedings (p53-67) Vasiliauskas and Chen
Post-fire Regeneration of Boreal Forests in Northeastern Ontario

PRFO-2004-Proceedings (p69-79) Murphy
Ecological Restoration in Parks and Protected Areas: Using Protected Areas for Testing Methods of Restoring Forest Communities

PRFO-2004-Proceedings (p83-104) Lemieux, Scott and Davis
Climate Change and Ontario’s Provincial Parks: A Preliminary Analysis of Potential Impacts and Implications for Policy, Planning and Management

PRFO-2004-Proceedings (p105-116) Obbard and Walton
The Importance of Polar Bear Provincial Park to the Southern Hudson Bay Polar Bear Population in the Context of Future Climate Change

PRFO-2004-Proceedings (p117-124) Mulrooney
Climate Change and Recreation in Ontario Parks

PRFO-2004-Proceedings (p127-139) Hecnar and Hecnar
Losses of Amphibians and Reptiles at Point Pelee National Park

PRFO-2004-Proceedings (p141-149) Nudds and Wiersma
Back to the Future: Designing Protected Areas Using Data on Historical Species’ Distributions

PRFO-2004-Proceedings (p151-159) Henson, Brodribb and Riley
Great Lakes Conservation Blueprint for Terrestrial Biodiversity on the Canadian Shield

PRFO-2004-Proceedings (p163-174) Jones and Craig
The Ontario Benthos Biomonitoring Network

PRFO-2004-Proceedings (p175-188) Burkhardt, Thompson, Kristjansson, King, Longyear, Silver and Noordhof
Challenges within the Ontario’s Living Legacy (OLL) Inventory Program for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources-Northeast Region

PRFO-2004-Proceedings (p189-207) Nelson
Assessing the Carpathian Ecoregion Initiative (CEI)

PRFO-2004-Proceedings (p209-219) Cline and Payne
Restoring Nature in German National Parks: Policy and Case Studies

PRFO-2004-Proceedings (p221-227) Barry
The Challenges of Collaborative Land-Use Planning: A Case Study of the Kawartha Highlands Signature Site

PRFO-2004-Proceedings (p231-239) Henderson
The Story of Parks: Reflections on Interpretation in Canada’s National Parks

PRFO-2004-Proceedings (p241-250) Bradford
Progress in Integration of Social Science in the Parks Canada Science Strategy

PRFO-2004-Proceedings (p251-262) Lemelin and Lickers
Implementing Capacity-Building, Respect, Equity, and Empowerment, CREE, in the Social Sciences

PRFO-2004-Proceedings (p267-279) Shantz, Wistowsky, Rollins and Johnson
The Study of the Economic and Social Benefits of the Nine Ontario’s Living Legacy Signature Sites

PRFO-2004-Proceedings (p281-282) Hunt
A Critique of the Study on the Social and Economic Benefits Associated with the Nine Ontario Living Legacy Signature Sites

PRFO-2004-Proceedings (p283-288) Boxall
Review of: Study of the Economic and Social Benefits of the Nine Ontario Living Legacy Signature Sites

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