2005 PRFO Proceedings | Protected Areas and Species and Ecosystems at Risk: Research and Planning Challenges

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p7-14) Crins and Bowcott
Parks and Protected Areas: A Very Important Piece of Ontario’s Species at Risk Recovery Plan

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p15-32) Kanter
The Future of Species of Ecosystems at Risk in Carolinian Canada: Are We on the Right Track?

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p33-42) Nudds
On the Horns of a Dilemma: Management of ‘at risk’ Species in Protected Areas in the Age of Ecological Integrity

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p45-52) Brdar
Challenges to Protecting Species at Risk in Provincial Parks and Protected Areas in Ontario

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p53-60) Hutchinson and Burrows
Parks Canada and Species at Risk Initiatives at Bruce Peninsula and Georgian Bay Islands National Parks

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p61-72) Kraus
Applying the Great Lakes Conservation Blueprint for the Strategic Protection of Biodiversity at Multiple Scales

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p77-86) Eagles
and Budgets in Ontario Provincial Parks: 1982 to 2004

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p87-96) Paleczny and Russel
Participatory Approaches in Protected Area Assessment and Reporting

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p97-104) Davis, Mclaughlin and Fiore
Ontario Forest Biomonitoring Network: Twenty Years of Monitoring the Health of Ontario’s Hardwood Forest

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p105-114) May and Hilts
Volunteer Monitoring of Forest Restoration

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p115-126) Clavering
Frontenac Provincial Park: Interior Camping Impact Study

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p127-136) Imrie, Clavering and Brdar
Small White Lady’s-slipper: Impacts of Fen Succession

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p139-152) Crowley and Brooks
Protected Areas and the Conservation of Ontario’s Reptile Species at Risk: Safe Havens or False Hopes?

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p153-166) MacKinnon, Moore and Brooks
Why Did the Reptile Cross the Road? Landscape Factors Associated with Road Mortality of Snakes and Turtles in the South Eastern Georgian Bay area

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p167-180) Paleczny, Lawson, Otterbein, Walsh and Chora
Species at Risk and Park Development: The Eastern Foxsnake (Elaphe gloydi) and the Killbear Provincial Park Visitor Centre

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p181-194) Dobbyn
A Preliminary Assessment of the Fowler’s Toad (Bufo fowleri) Population in Rondeau Provincial Park

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p197-204) Staton, Mandrak
Focusing Conservation Efforts for Freshwater Biodiversity

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p205-220) Mandrak and Brodribb
How Well Do Parks Protect Fish Species At Risk In Ontario

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p221-230) Reid
River Redhorse (Moxostoma carinatum) and Channel Darter (Percina copelandi) Populations along the Trent-Severn Waterway

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p233-244) Gray, Paleczny, Janetos, King, Beechey and Davidson
An Enumeration of Protected Areas in Ontario: Remarks about its Contribution to Ecologically-Based Planning and Management

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p245-258) Nelson
Protected Area Mosaics and Cooperative Ecosystem-Based Land-Use and Conservation Planning: Four Case Studies in the U.S. West

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p259-266) Farrell, Riley, and McLaughlin
Large-Scale Restoration of the Rice Lake Plains: A Landscape Conservation Approach

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p267-276) Browning, Diamond, Frohlich and Middleton
Park and Species Protection at the Wainfleet Bog Conservation Area: Adaptive Ecosystem Management Approach to Wetland Rehabilitation

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p277-282) Korol
Coniferous Plantation Management in Central Zone Provincial Parks

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p283-292) Bradford and McIntyre
Messages as a Means of Reducing Social Trail Use at St. Lawrence Islands National Park

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p295-308) Kuntz and Larson
The Relative Influence of Microhabitat Constraints and Rock Climbing Disturbance to Vegetation on Ontario’s Niagara Escarpment

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p309-318) Dech and Maun
The Ecological Significance of Burial to Trees and Shrubs on Coastal Sand Dunes at Pinery Provincial Park

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p319-330) Bazely, Bravo, Aryaie, Caportoto, Chan, Kharouba, Nogal, Purdy, Etwell
The Distribution and Abundance of Fire-scarred Trees in Pinery Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p331-338) Bergsma and DeYoung
Comparative Evaluation of Ecological Significance of Vegetation Patches by Three Methodologies: Life Science Inventory, GIS, and Remote Sensing

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p339-346) Morrill, Ball, Walshe, Kingston and Wilson
Site Fidelity in Forest-Dwelling Woodland Caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) Nursery Habitat in Wabakimi Provincial Park and Woodland Caribou

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p347-360) Dobbyn and McCracken
The Causes and Effects of Interspecific Competition by House Wren’s (Troglodytes aedon) on the Recovery of the Prothonotary Warbler (Protonotaria citrea) Population in Rondeau Provincial Park

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p363-372) Johnson
The Convention of Biological Diversity’s Program of Work on Protected Areas and Resulting Implications and Opportunities for Canada

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p373-382) Wiersma, Beechey, Oosenbrug and Meikle
Northern Protected Areas: Current Status and Future Challenges
Author: Yolanda F. Wiersma, Tom Beechey, Bas Oosenbrug, John Meikle

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p383-390) Rehman
A Comparison of Conservation Strategies to Preserve Biodiversity

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p391-398) Marchand
Komoka Provincial Park: A Case Study in Protected Areas Planning in an Urbanized Landscape

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p399-404) Armstrong and Hartley
Forest-dewlling Woodland Caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) in Ontario: Planning for Recovery Near the Edge of Range

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p405-412) Alley
Designing an Initial GIS Analysis for The Land Between

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p413-422) DeYoung and Troughton
Sharp Pencils, Fat Crayons and Fuzzy Boundaries: How to depict the Carolinian in Canada

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p427-434) Kanter and May
Development of a Strategy to Conserve and Restore Carolinian Woodlands

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p435-440) Stephenson
The Role of Point Pelee National Park in Greater Ecosystem Protection

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p441-442) McEwan – abstract only
Ecological Restoration in Toronto Parks

PRFO-2005-Proceedings (p443-447) May and Kanter
Brainstorming Session on Strategies for Parks and Protected Areas

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