2006 PRFO Proceedings | Transboundary Protected Areas: Research and Planning

PRFO-2006-Proceedings (p7-18) Slocombe and Danby
Transboundary Protected Areas, Connections and Conservation

PRFO-2006-Proceedings (p19-30) Gilmore
Cross Border Partnerships in Protected Areas Management: Northwestern Ontario – Eastern Manitoba

PRFO-2006-Proceedings (p31-36) Sochasky
Walking on Water: Meeting challenges on an international waterway

PRFO-2006-Proceedings (p37-44) Whitehouse
Conserving the Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Niagara River

PRFO-2006-Proceedings (p45-58) Lawrence
The Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge: An experience of binational conservation management in the Great Lakes

PRFO-2006-Proceedings (p59-74) Fernandes
Selection of Protected Areas within the Savegre River Watershed in Costa Rica: Landscape Planning Implications for Transboundary Protection

PRFO-2006-Proceedings (p75-90) Johnston
Cross-Border Approaches to Protected Areas, Heritage Conservation, and Tourism: A Parks Canada Perspective

PRFO-2006-Proceedings (p91-98) Scoular and Wlodarczyk
Addressing Transboundary Issues at Parks Canada

PRFO-2006-Proceedings (p101-108) McCleave
The Regional Integration of Canada’s National Parks: A framework for analysis

PRFO-2006-Proceedings (p109-126) Crins and Janetos
Moving Toward a Viable, Representative Protected Area Network in the Great Lakes Basin of Ontario

PRFO-2006-Proceedings (p127-138) Kraus, McMurtry and Henson
Assessment of the Biodiversity and Conservation Status of Great Lakes Islands: A Progress Report

PRFO-2006-Proceedings (p139-150) Davis, Chora and Crins
GapTool: An Analytical Tool for Ecological Monitoring and Conservation Planning

PRFO-2006-Proceedings (p151-158) Wiersma and Nudds
Political, ecological, and species boundaries: implications for the identification of minimum requirements for representative protected areas

PRFO-2006-Proceedings (p159-166) Sportza
From Urban to Rural to Hinterland: Is it time for a provincial protected area policy?

PRFO-2006-Proceedings (p169-176) Fresque and Plummer
Determining Social and Ecological Indicators in Canadian Parks: Utilizing the Delphi Method

PRFO-2006-Proceedings (p177-186) Doran, Martell, and Davis
Compartmentalizing Fire in Large Parks and Protected Areas

PRFO-2006-Proceedings (p187-196) Dong and Eagles
Habitat Characteristics and Distribution of the American Bader (Taxidea taxus jacksoni) in Southwestern Ontario

PRFO-2006-Proceedings (p197-202) Gravel and BlouinDemers
Long-term population estimates and synchronous variation in two populations of black rat snakes (Elaphe obsoleta) in Eastern Ontario

PRFO-2006-Proceedings (p203-208) Diamond and Middleton
The Effect of Moisture on the Decomposition Processes in the Disturbed Peatlands of the Wainfleet Bog

PRFO-2006-Proceedings (p209-218) Lyons
Is there a statistical association between Ferns and Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) in forest stands along the Niagara Escarpment?

PRFO-2006-Proceedings (p221-228) Moos
It’s in Our Nature – An Introduction to the Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act

PRFO-2006-Proceedings (p229-244) CPAWS and Sierra
Analysis of Second Reading of Bill 11: Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act, 2005

PRFO-2006-Proceedings (p245-246) Moos
An Update: The Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act

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