2009 State of Science on Deer Management in Protected Areas Workshop

St. Lawrence Islands NP (pix from summer 2009, after the meeting)

Kingston Ontario was the site of  a March 23 workshop and a March 24 field trip to St. Lawrence Islands National Park. The topic is one controversial even for professional scientists: are deer hyperabundant, are they having measurable ecological impacts, and, if so, how should we management them as humanely and effectively as possible?

CASIOPA deer management agenda

We began with a ceremony from our 14 participants from First Nations, particularly the Mohawk Council of Awkwesasne; we appreciated and respected their efforts to attend and their participation and leadership during the roundtables that represented the bulk of the meeting.

Emily Gonzales of Parks Canada provided a reading package for participants:


Cote et al. 2004

Latham et al. 2009

Emily also set the stage for the meeting with a presentation on hyperabundance of deer:


OMNR’s Sandy Dobbyn and colleagues then led us through a series of presentations on state of the science and communication:

Dobbyn – overview

Dobbyn – communication

Dobbyn – using FLIR

Chris Daniel of ApexRMS led discussions on technical approaches to landscape scale management and detection:

Daniel – TELSA Presentation

Daniel – Case Study 3 MNR Sample Output Natural Only

After that, the 43 attendees gathered and addressed the main issues of the agenda during a series of roundtables:


The field trip to St. Lawrence Islands National Park was attended by about 1/3 of the workshop participants:

A report, based on our discussions, was written by CASIOPA co-op student Jessica Kidd (Dept Environment & Resource Studies, University of Waterloo), and published early in 2010:

2010 deer management practices review

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