2011 Plenary & Workshop on Blue+Green Resilience and Innovation

As a extra-special event, Dec 7 2011 saw us host three of the biggest names and brightest people in the domain of socio-ecological resilience. This event was co-sponsored by CASIOPA and the University of Waterloo’s Water Institute, Centre for Ecosystem Resilience & Adaptation, & the Department of Environment & Resource Studies.

WI Workshop Circular 4

We had Jim Harris (Professor, Cranfield University), Keith Bowers (Principal, Biohabitats Inc.), and – drumroll – Terry Chapin (F. Stuart Chapin III), Professor Emeritus of the University of Alaska-Fairbanks.  Jim and Keith are past-chairs of the Society for Ecological Restoration; Terry is past-chair of the Ecological Society of America.

Between the three of them, we had a huge braintrust to discuss how we can operationalize resilience in aquatic and terrestial habitats (hence, blue+green) and how this can lead to innovation. The event actually spilled into the better part of a week with Jim and two days with Keith and Terry – this was a terrific opportunity for attendees to engage with these three giants.  We discussed urban ecosystems, restoration of mined areas, parks and protected areas (naturally), and water demand and supply systems as they relate to the complex interactions between social and ecological systems and the couple systems they create.

Jonaki Bhattacharyya & Jennifer Balsdon (nee Lau) – then both Ph.D. students with CASIOPA chair Stephen Murphy – were the chief organizers and did a great job.

Terry, Jonaki, Keith, Jennifer, Jim (photo by Steve Murphy)

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