2012 CASIOPA: A Year Focused on Research

2012 focused more on CASIOPA facilitated research than meetings.  It was one of the few years that the partners elected to eschew an AGM in favour of allocating our budget to research.  In 2012, CASIOPA accomplished the following:

  • A Parks Canada study that examined human behavour towards snakes as part of the larger agenda on research into reptiles, especially endangered species.  The research was successful and made ample recommendations that lead to internal and external publications and was consistent with concurrent research, Georgian Bay Islands NP
  • A joint research project between Parks Canada, OMNR, Agriculture Canada, and the University of Waterloo examining resilience and restoration in ecosystems.  This is part of a long-term project that runs until 2015 – it is now primarily in the domain of the University of Waterloo but what began in 2011 was ultimately presented as part of a United Nations meeting in Sydney Australia in 2014.
  • Technical research on landscape restoration, that included a follow up to the February 2011 workshop in Ottawa. This was held at the University of Waterloo.
  • Research on fisheries (with the OMNR) that included a fisheries symposium in Peterborough, with OMNR’s Brad Steinberg at the helm.
  • Research into priority setting for parks management; this led to numerous strategic initiatives that Parks Canada and Ontario Parks have adopted through 2015.
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