2014 CASIOPA AGM on Effective Environmental Monitoring

We held the 2014 CASIOPA Annual General Meeting April 10-11 at the University of Waterloo Summit Centre for the Environment at Huntsville. With an attendance of 104 people (total) over the 2 days, it was one of the larger meetings yet.  The theme was “Effective Environmental Monitoring”.

casiopa environmental monitoring conference ap 10-11 final

Nigel Lester of OMNR led off with “Long-Term Monitoring in Lake Ecosystems”; Nigel showed us how this critical aspect on monitoring was being done right. lester

Ron Tozer, Algonquin Provincial Park Naturalist [ret.] followed with a great  talk and set of visuals from his long experience on “Long Term Changes in Bird Populations (Species, Migration, Timing)”. tozer edited

Bradley Fauteux, Managing Director, Ontario Parks was his at his usual self-effacing best as he credited colleagues for helping develop a terrific and extemporaneous strategic talk he delivered on “long Term Monitoring in Provincial Parks and Protected Areas”.

Dan Strickland (Algonquin PP Chief Naturalist [ret.] (co-author Ryan Norris, Associate Professor, University of Guelph) took us straight to the heart of the technical side of large database monitoring with their talk on “Gray Jay Long Term Monitoring”.  (Dan/Ryan’s talk is too large to upload via WordPress – contact Ryan Norris for a copy of the talk)

Glenn Tattersall, Professor, Brock University came all the way up and straight from an overseas trip to treat the audience to his work with “Early Insights into a Long-Term Salamander Monitoring Program: Bat Lake Inventory of Spotted Salamanders (BLISS)” tattersall et al

Dave LeGros, Patrick Moldowan, Matt Keevil - not only are they great research scientists, but the three of them came up with some of the best puns

Day 1 closed with a set of roundtables discussing effective monitoring, using the earlier presentations as a launch.  This was followed by a great evening out with almost all of the AGM participants at a local restaurant where matters both serious and fun were discussed.

Jacob "The Great Profile" Orlandi with Dianne Watkins (background) about to enjoy a meal; Jacob & Dianne are students in Environment & Resources Studies at the University of Waterloo (Jacob - 2nd year BES; Dianne - 2nd year MES)


The Day 2 Contributed Presentations were a great mix of ideas on monitoring and related concepts.  It was terrific having so many student and early career professionals there to join us and to present – they represent the new generation of professionals in parks and protected areas. The presentations were:

  • Herpetofauna monitoring in Presqu’ile Provincial Park: A long term project in its infancy? (Sean Boyle & Jacqueline Litzgus, Laurentian U; Corina Brdar, Ontario Parks; David Lesbarrères, Laurentian U) boyle et al
  • Management Scenarios: A tool for maintaining ecological integrity in a changing climate (Kelly Moores, & Steve Murphy, U Waterloo, Scott Parker Parks Canada)  Moores et al Casiopa 2014
  • Monitoring earthworm invasion  and ecosystem change in Ontario forests (Mike McTavish & Steve Murphy, U Waterloo) mctavish
  • Understanding the shelltered life: Forty years of turtle research in Algonquin Provincial Park (a double header presentation!) (Ronald Brooks,U Guelph: Jacqueline Litzgus & Matt Keevil & Patrick Moldowan, Laurentian U) moldowan et al
  • Seeing spots: population and reproductive monitoring of Spotted Salamanders (Ambystoma maculatum) in Central Ontario (Patrick Moldowan, Laurentian U; Glenn Tattersall, Brock U; Jennifer Hoare, OMNR). moldowan BLISS presentation
  • A Conservation Authority Perspective: Working Towards Integrated Monitoring in Conservation Halton’s Protected Areas (Nigel Finney, HRCA) finney (nigel)
  • Long-Term monitoring of a Massasauga rattlesnake (Sistrurus catenatus) population in Killbear Provincial Park (Kenton Otterbein, Killbear PP;  Michael Colley, Laurentian U) otterbein et al
  • Long-term population dynamics of an unexploited lacustrine brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) population (Algonquin Park, ON) (Erin Brown, Trent U; Mark Ridgway & Gary Ridout & Chris Wilson, OMNR) brown
  • Long term monitoring of anglers by census data (Mark Ridgway OMNR) creel presentation
  • Long term monitoring from undergraduate student views (Timmy Nassar, Jacob Orlandi, Jessica Williamson, U Waterloo) nassar et al
  • Advancement of geographic information systems and ecology information in Ontario Parks Northeast (Ed Morris, OMNR) Morris_GIS_Ecology_NEZ
  • Long-term ecological monitoring in the northwest zone of Ontario Parks (Steve Kingston, OMNR) nwz monitoring
  • Science and management issues in addressing wildlife in CEA for Kluane National Park (Shailyn Drukis & Scott Slocombe, WLU) SlocombeDrukisCASIOPA14
  • Out of the woods: Mitigating negative impacts of unused forest roads on amphibians with woody debris (David Legros  & Brad Steinberg, OMNR; David Lesbarrères, Laurentian U LeGros_CASIOPA
  • Ecological monitoring at the rare Charitable Research Reserve (Jenna Quinn, rare CRR) CASIOPA_presentation_Quinn

Ontario Parks' Steve Kingston & OMNRF's Rob Davis - CASIOPA big wheels!

OMNR's Michelle Proulx & Bill Crins (CASIOPA guru!)

Chris Wilkinson (Office of the Environment Commissioner of Ontario) and Bradley Fauteux (Managing Director of Ontario Parks)

Roundtable discussions (yes, at rectangular tables...)

Members of Steve Murphy's Research Group who attended CASIOPA '14: Michael McTavish (PhD), Heather Cray (PhD), Jessica Williamson (BES), Jacob Orlandi (BES), Smurph, Patricia Hyunh (MES), Ian Blainey (BES), Timmy Nassar (BES), Cheryl Reyes (BES), Kelly Moores (MES), Holly Booker (MES), Gwyn Govers (MES), Dianne Watkins (MES)

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