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2010 CASIOPA Workshop on Economic Valuation of Protected Areas

CASIOPA Workshop on Economic Valuation of Protected Areas Friday March 26 2010 at OMNR HQ in Peterborough ON Following up from the 2009 CASIOPA webinar on general Human Dimensions, this workshop focused on the various techniques that have been used to yield economic valuations for natural or protected areas.  Will WIstowsky of OMNR was the [...]
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2010 CASIOPA Workshop on Habitat Suitability Modelling

2010 CASIOPA Workshop: Habitat Suitability Modelling University of Waterloo & Via WebEx. February 18, 2010. The report is here: 2010 hsm report Habitat Suitability Modelling includes a wide-ranging suite of computational spatially implicit or explicit approaches designed for conservation.  In this Workshop, participants received an overview of the potential and pitfalls of modelling habitat for [...]
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2006 State of the Art Workshop on Top-Down vs. Bottom Up: Working Towards Consensus on Systematic Protected Areas Planning in Ontario

Summary of the Parks Research Forum of Ontario | State of the Art Protected Areas Design Workshop | Guelph, Ontario, March 9-10 2006
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2005 State of the Art Workshop on Monitoring in Ontario’s Parks and Protected Areas

Ontario Parks – Parks Canada Monitoring Workshop | Waterfront Holiday Inn, Peterborough, Ontario, January 11-13, 2005
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2004 State of the Art Workshop on Climate Change and Ontario’s Parks

Workshop on Climate Change and Ontario’s Parks
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