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2017 CASIOPA NEPOSS Big Box Greenspaces Workshop

This was quite the workshop!  We had four terrific speakers/panelists and a capacity crowd of over 150 people on March 1. The topic was quite appealing to wide audience. This workshop was designed to discuss visitor management impacted by many multitudes of visitors, especially in urban areas.  Rather like a Big Box store. This was [...]
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2015 CASIOPA Conference on Healthy Parks, Healthy People (HPHP) – Summary

Summary of the 2015 CASIOPA Conference on Healthy Parks, Healthy People On Wednesday May 6 & Thursday May 7 2015, the first organized HPHP conference was held at the University of Waterloo Federation Hall Conference Centre (the final agenda is here: 2015-casiopa-healthy-parks-and-healthy-people-agenda-28-4-15). Healthy Parks, Healthy People” is a research agenda but most importantly it is [...]
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2013 CASIOPA AGM on Putting Conservation Science into Practice

Wednesday April 17, 2013 & Thursday April 18, 2013 saw over 100 people join us at the wonderful University of Waterloo Summit Centre for the Environment at Huntsville for the Annual General Meeting of CASIOPA.  We combined this with an excellent workshop as well! The theme was “Putting Conservation Science into Practice”. Chris Lemieux (of [...]
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2013 CASIOPA Workshop on Transforming Visitor Management

CASIOPA 2013 Workshop Summary Transforming Visitor Management – Improving the Understanding of Protected Area Clientele with Declining Resources January 31 & February 1 2013- Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport Hotel 140 people gathered in Toronto for a high profile event on visitor management. Thanks to OMNR’s Will Wistowsky and Adam Gryck, we had a spellbinding group [...]
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2010 CASIOPA Workshop on Economic Valuation of Protected Areas

CASIOPA Workshop on Economic Valuation of Protected Areas Friday March 26 2010 at OMNR HQ in Peterborough ON Following up from the 2009 CASIOPA webinar on general Human Dimensions, this workshop focused on the various techniques that have been used to yield economic valuations for natural or protected areas.  Will WIstowsky of OMNR was the [...]
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2003 – PRFO Workshop on Social Science and Protected Areas

Proceedings of a Symposium held at the Algonquin Park Visitor Centre, March 26-27, 2003
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